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Oil & Gas Exploration

The Airborne Geophysical Survey Industry has directly or indirectly contributed to numerous discoveries in the oil & gas sector.

Airborne geophysics have been used for petroleum exploration for many years, mainly aeromagnetic surveys, however recent years have seen the application of airborne electromagnetic data to the detection of hydrocarbons as well as effective airborne gravity.

Airborne geophysical surveys help to

  • Locate Sedimentary Basins
  • Delineate Basin Boundaries And Structure
  • Infer Location Of Thickest Sedimentary Section
  • Detect Intra-Sedimentary "Micro-Magnetic" Anomalies
  • Detect Characteristic Radiation Patterns
  • Cost Effectively Place SeismicSurveys

Off-shore: magnetic, gravity, seep detection and gravity gradiometry methods are recommended

On-shore: magnetics, gravity, electromagnetics, radiometrics and gravity gradiometry is recommended

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