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GRAVEX is a revolutionary new airborne gravity sensing system providing high resolution exploration data. As with many good ideas, GRAVEX is a unique combination of experience, new and existing technologies, all partnered with a new method for using them, with the whole concept now protected by patent application.



  • Comprises 4 temperature and attitude stabilised miniature gravimeters with sensitivity of 0.3 mGal
  • Gravimeters mounted on aircraft at the wingtips, tail and Centre-of-Gravity
  • Laser compensation system relates movement of each wingtip gravimeter to the Centre-of-Gravity gravimeter
  • Laser compensator undertakes real-time aircraft movement compensation & synchronizes operation of the individual   gravimeters
  • Gravimeter sample rate is 1KHz, delivered and recorded data rate is 100 Hz
  • Gradiometer base-line is >10 metres, Gzz gradient minimum sensitivity is ± 0.1 mGal/metre
  • System configurations for both mining and oil & gas exploration
  • GRAVEX is subject to world-wide patent protection
Each wing pod and the stinger carry a single miniature, temperature and axis-stabilized gravity sensor (abc), together with one at the aircraft center of gravity (d), acting as a reference. Typical dimensions of the gradient triangle formed is 10 meters per side. GRAVEX ensures synchronization of the wingtip sensors by a laser measurement system (EFGH) which accurately eliminates wing flap errors (measured to within microns) in the gravity signals from the sensors. The long baseline provides a >200 times more accurate gradient.

Miniature gravity sensor of the GRAVEX system.


Miniature gravity sensor of the GRAVEX system, shown beside a notebook PC and mouse for scale.