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Helicopter electromagnetics (HEM), whether time- or frequency-domain based, combined with total field magnetics and often gammaray spectrometry, has been one of the most productive and useful of airborne system developments to date. HEM systems have accounted for the discovery of billions of dollars’ worth of mineral resources, have tapped into numerous ground water reservoirs and have provided immense volumes of data for environmental site evaluations.

HEM surveys are almost exclusively applied to mining exploration. McPHAR offers helicopter-borne Time-Domain EM (HTDEM) and Frequency-Domain EM (HFEM) systems for this purpose, as well as VLF-EM, which can be utilized on both helicopter and fixed-wing platforms.

  • Helicopter Time-Domain EM

    McPHAR's helicopter-borne P-THEM time domain electromagnetic system features a powerful transmitter, an upgraded state of the art PC-based receiver and an advanced digital signal processing software package. Manufactured by Pico Envirotec (based on the earlier THEM system designed by Bernard Kremer) P-THEM is adaptable, well ...

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  • Helicopter Frequency-Domain EM

    McPHAR's helicopter-borne HUMMINGBIRD 5-frequency electromagnetic system can be simply described as a multi-frequency, multi-coil electromagnetic system that measures the inphase and quadrature responses from a number of coil-pairs installed in a tubular bird, towed beneath a helicopter. HUMMINGBIRD is well suited for shallow...

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  • The Airborne VLF-EM System

    Airborne VLF-EM data are mainly used for geological mapping, interpretation of large scale geological features, such as faults and shears, and locating graphite and base metal conductors. McPHAR uses the TOTEM-2A Airborne VLF-EM system to acquire these data.

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