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Data Processing

After the infield QC of the data has been completed, the data are sent to McPHAR’s data processing center where the final data processing and mapping undertaken. Colour contour maps, sometimes black-line contour maps, and offset and stacked profiles are then produced. A survey report is provided. A full range of products is routinely derived from the data. Our data processing center features a network of powerful microcomputers and state-of-the-art software for data reduction and compilation. Image and map products are produced on HP colour plotters.

As with field operations, quality control is an integral part of the data processing procedure. Some of the main methods used include; Examination and checking of all incoming data to ensure completeness of data sets; Post-processing of the differential GPS system, the compensation of the magnetic data, corrections to the radiometric data, the production of preliminary flight path maps, speed checks, terrain clearance checks, and; full profile quality control of all acquired traces for noise levels, data completeness, spike editing, and adherence to contract specifications.

Data Deliverables: Prior to delivery to the Client, all final data are checked to ensure that the correct data has been included, and that they are readable and complete. The data formats and media are described in detail in documentation accompanying the deliverables.

Deliverable include colour contour maps, digital data on CD-ROM or DVD, and a project report.

Final Report: The final report provides a complete description of the project area, survey parameters, aircraft and equipment used, data processing parameters, as well as a listing of the final products and the delivered digital data.

Data Deliverables
Final Report