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Qualification in Geophysics

  • Minimum 5-10 years’ recent experience in large Government and Private airborne multi-parameter (magnetics, spectrometric, gravity, FDEM, TDEM) geophysical survey projects.
  • Designing and technically suggesting the survey parameters, planning and evaluation of various tests & calibrations, data acquisition, quality control, data processing.
  • Quality control decisions of survey data within the specification laid down with clients and Company standards.
  • Experience in data interpretation and generation of various technical reports including operations, processing, qualitative and quantitative interpretation.
  • Advanced interpretation skills in mathematical quantitative modelling, inversion of potential field data, FDEM & TDEM inversion, integrated analysis of geology and various geophysical data sets and combined interpretation.
  • Should have proficiency in Geosoft Oasis Montaj (all or several modules) or equivalent geophysical data processing & interpretation software platform.
  • Airborne geophysical field data management and data processing of different projects, using Geosoft Oasis Montaj or Intrepid

Geophysicist – Mid-level – up to data processing Senior:,
Qualification: In Geophysics

  • Experience in airborne multi parameter (magnetics, spectrometrics, gravity, electro magnetics) geophysical survey projects
  • Processing of different airborne multi-parameter surveys of geophysical data to produce final products and images.
  • Set up and operate ground base station systems, comprising magnetometer and GPS systems.
  • Make final reports of the processed geophysical data for clients
  • Research, find, analyse and integrate the various types of data sources from maps to geological surveys
  • Generate high quality cartographic layouts and presentations for specific projects, and meetings
  • Survey designs, tests & calibrations, evaluation, quality control, data processing and generation of technical reports. Should have produced all the processed products & deliverables in at least one or two airborne survey projects.
  • Good computer skills and proficiency with Geosoft Oasis Montaj or Intrepid application software package.
  • Experience with Surfer, Grapher, MS Office.
  • Good understanding of the theory and practical aspects in airborne geophysics.
  • Report writing

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